Cat 980C 63X05462 Cat 980C 63X05462

Cat 980G 2KR03718 Cat 980G 2KR03718

CAT 988F 2ZR02345 CAT 988F 2ZR02345

Cat 14H 2005 Cat 14H 2005

Cat 140H 2ZK04281 Cat 140H 2ZK04281

Cat 140H 9TN01479 Cat 140H 9TN01479

Cat 140H 0CCA02037 Cat 140H 0CCA02037

Cat 140H 0APM01867 Cat 140H 0APM01867

Cat 140H 9TN01538 Cat 140H 9TN01538

Cat 140H 2ZK00296 Cat 140H 2ZK00296

The focus of the company is to buy and resell heavy construction equipment for export. Mico purchases a vast variety of construction equipment such as graders, dozers, excavators, backhoes, paving machinery, engines, trucks, generators, skid steer loaders, excavators, wheel loaders and cranes throughout the United States then resells it to contractors, dealers and mining companies throughout the United States and to International Customers. Major share of our sales are to customers outside the United States. Our network and experience in over sized transport and shipping, give us the edge over our competitors as we provide complete service from maintaining a large inventory of equipment to Transport and shipping it any destination in the world.

The mission of Mico Machines Inc. is to provide its customers with the utmost highest quality products and customer satisfaction to ensure long lasting business relationships. Thank you for choosing Mico Machines Inc.


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