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CAT D9N 6XJ00755

CAT D9N 6XJ00755 CAT D9N 6XJ00755 CAT D9N 6XJ00755 CAT D9N 6XJ00755 CAT D9N 6XJ00755 CAT D9N 6XJ00755
Machine Specifications
Availablity Sold
Manufacturer Caterpillar
Model CAT D9N 6XJ00755
Serial No. 6XJ00755
Year 1994
Hours 9011
Location USA
Price Call us
Description EROPS cab Air conditioner Multi-shank ripper 1 shank 9U blade Blade liner and push-plate Single tilt Perforated hood Engine enclosures Extreme Service Cat SALT undercarriage (27) Track shoes visually 70% remaining, measure about 2.75 which is 65% remaining Rails visually 75% remaining, measure about 6 3/8 which is 70% wear remaining Pins and bushings show very little wear, estimated 75-80% wear remaining (not turned) Track adjusters are not jacked out (no internal track wear) Both rear idlers are about 70-75% wear remaining Left front idler is 65-70% wear remaining Right front idler is 40-45% wear remaining Bottom rollers are all very good, all around the 70% remaining range by estimate Sprocket segments are 75% estimated wear remaining, nice Track tension is proper Bogie guard wear plates are worn but in place The blade looks very nice, excellent wear-plated face and no cracks or welds in back The router edges are rebuilt and very good Cutting edges and corner bits are very good All hydraulic cylinders (tilt, lift, ripper) are good, no seeping or scoring The bottom of the front grille is bent some, minor The left hood enclosure was missing but will be re-installed The left fender light guard is bent some, minor The right fender step is bent some, minor There is a section in the top of the perforated hood which has a hole in it, minor Machine looks like it has been well-greased and well-maintained The trunnion caps are recently new The trunnion ends on the pusharms need to be replaced, quite worn ***** The underside of the tractor is all OK, belly pans are not dented, et c The roller frames look OK Machine will be washed off prior to shipping and small oil leaks will be fixed The engine looks clean and dry, no problems, oil OK The oiler bottle is holding oil, OK The transmission oil looks fine, OK The screw latch for the oiler bottle door is missing The radiator coolant is clean and full, no deposits in the cap Engine started easily and sounds good Throttle response is normal, smoke is normal The right arm rest in the cab is cracked The air conditioner works The headlights all work OK The left door wipers are not working (others all OK) The cab is dirty, but all controls and gauges are OK, dash is OK Third gear is blocked off on the shift console There is normal wear in the shift linkage, OK There is quite a bit of wear in the top right ripper cylinder pins and in the ripper beam pins, as well as the bottom ripper mounting pins, will need re pinned soon if used a lot The ripper is not damaged or welded (s/n 1314) There is some slack in the hardnose pins (6) could stand to have bearings installed ***** The blade lift cylinder mountings need adjusted, showing some slack (6) ****** The pins at the blade end of the pusharms have a lot of slack, need re-done ****** The equalizer bar is good, not loose at all The engine has light blowby, 8.5 with 10 being new, seems to have good power and runs well 2100 RPM high idle, 590 RPM low idle, Stalls at 1500 under load (OK) Engine accelerates normally under load (good power) Torque heats normally under stall but looks off normally (OK) The transmission shifts OK with slight hesitation between 1st and second under load, not bad, and makes no unusual noises, Transmission seems good. Radiator cap was leaking a little but I think I did not tighten it down well after checking it when it was cold, dont think there is a problem here. (it was OK) There is slight bending to the left fender over the sprocket (minor) Overall appearance is nice and the tractor seems to run well It only needs a little tightening up in the blade (*****) Engine, (exchange) about 4000 hours Transmission (exchange) about 2600 hours Radiator, about 600 hours Pivot shaft, new about 500 hours ago Rebuilt torque converter at 5379 hours (about 7300 now)
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